Arrest warrants are issued in Washington County by the District Court and forwarded to the Sheriff for enforcement.  In most cases, warrants are issued by the court for failure to respond to the court or failure to carry out an order from the court.  Arrest and Detention orders issued by a Probation Officer for one of their probationers are also entered into the Washington County Sheriff's Office warrant system for enforcement.

Please note that you should not take any action on a warrant based on the information posted to this web site.  All warrants must be confirmed by the issuing agency prior to enforcement.  While we intend to make every effort to keep the information on this page accurate and current, there are often delays between court action on a warrant and updates to the Sheriff's Office warrant database.  This web database is updated multiple times each day, but the results shown are only as accurate as the last update and could be different from the court records and Sheriff's Office warrant system.  If you have questions on a warrant, please call the Warrants Division at 651-430-7998 or the Washington County District Court before taking any action on this warrant.

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Frequently Asked Warrants Questions (from our FAQ's Archive):

Who do I contact to...check to see if I have a warrant?
Check the Warrant Search page on our web site for current, active warrants or call the Sheriff's Office Warrants Division at 651-430-7998 anytime. New warrants issued by the Courts can take several days to get into our warrants system.

Who do I contact bail or turn myself in on a warrant?
If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you can turn yourself in at the main jail window no later than 6:00 AM on a regular court day and the Sheriff's Office will make every attempt to get you on the court docket for that day. Due to varying circumstances in the courts and the jail, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen that day, but in most cases you will be seen the same day. If a judge has set a bail amount on the warrant, you may pay the bail at the jail or post bond through an approved bonding agency. In most cases, the bail may be paid at any Sheriff's Office in Minnesota. Once bail has been paid or bond posted, a court date will be assigned and the warrant will be cleared.

If you want to post bail or bond for someone currently in jail, this can be done in person at the jail, Court Administration, or any Sheriff's Office in Minnesota. Bail is accepted in cash only. Bonds are accepted from approved bonding agents who, in effect, guarantee the bail amount to the courts in exchange for a set fee and collateral arranged with the person posting the bond. Bail that is posted is normally returned to the defendant once they have satisfied the courts requirements, but may be forfeited if the defendant does not appear on the assigned court date or may be credited towards fines and fees due to the court.

The Washington County Court Administration accepts payments in person by cash, cashiers check, money order, or credit card.  They also accept credit cards by phone at 651-430-6281.  The Washington County Sheriff's Office accepts payments in person in cash only.